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Principal's Message

Dr. Ginger Prewitt, Principal
Ms. Stephanie Ford, Assistant Principal

Dr. Prewitt

Dear Prado View Families,

It is my honor to be the principal of Prado View Elementary and work alongside our assistant principal, Ms. Ford, and an incredible group of teachers and staff.  For the past year, we have been working hard as a school team to facilitate a positive climate on our campus.  To do that, we have the responsibility for the well-being and safety of about 700 students.  As hard as we do work, one minor mistake can put a wrinkle in our whole plan.  So, we will continue to work at putting the pieces together and we rely on others to help us with potential problems. 

We go into our business of education not wanting to let anyone down - not a staff member, not a parent, and most importantly, not a child. The children count on us each and every day. YOU count on us each and every day to ensure that your child is well cared for, safe and educated. I promise you that is what we all strive to do each day

But, we are not perfect. 

We are human. 

We make mistakes. 

We have bad days. 

So, as we start this school year and you send us your child each day please know a few things about our teachers and staff: 

Our number one concern is the safety of your child. So, we will probably inconvenience you by asking for your license when you check in the office, take your time as we dismiss safely, and maybe even question your whereabouts while you are on our campus. We do this because we care about your child.

We care very much for your child’s social and emotional well- being. With that being said, your child may come home upset, crying or feeling confused about their day. It was not intentional, but if you communicate with us, we will adjust and do what we can to ensure that next day and every day after is a smile. We do this because we care about your child. 

Please be patient; we make mistakes. We might forget to send homework home, forget to send an email to tell you about the day, misplace that attendance note, or maybe did not follow up on something we promised. Remind us and we will remind you when you need it.  It is not intentional, and it happens to all of us. Please do this for us because we really do care about your child. 

We want to work as a team with you. Sometimes that means we may disagree or even be a bit upset with each other.  We need to work through it and work together because we BOTH want what is best for your child and OUR relationship is key. Please remember this because we care about your child. 

Please believe 50% of what your child tells you and we will believe 50% of what they tell us. Rather than making assumptions or posting frustrations on Facebook, please come and ask us questions so we can work through issues or concerns together if they arise AS A TEAM. We further ask that if there is an issue, start by communicating with your child’s teacher FIRST, before contacting Ms. Ford or me.  If someone was upset with you, we are confident you would rather hear directly from that person.  We need to do this because we ALL care about your child. 

Please remember our staff members have families and lives outside of school, but none of us turn off work. We are always reflecting and thinking about ways that we can improve to meet the needs of all kids. However, we may need 24 hours to get back to you when you reach out. We will get back to you because we care about your child. Your child is important to us and we need your support. We will support you in return because we care about your child. 

It’s the beginning of a new year. This might be the first child you send to us or it might be your last, but I promise you our teachers will care for them. I ask you to trust us, but if that trust waivers, I ask that you take the time to work with us. It was not intentional and we will do whatever we can to work as a team to nurture, support and educate your children like they are our own. 

This year might bring you anxiety, nerves and worry. We have the same feelings, and if we take the time to remember that we both want what is best for your child we can get through it together! If you remember one thing from this post, remember that our teachers and staff put forth an incredible amount of time (sometimes sacrificing their own family) thinking about YOUR child because they truly care. 

The staff and I are looking forward to an incredible year. Ms. Ford and I treat our 700 students as if they were our own and we will do anything we can to make sure they are safe, happy and leave Prado View Elementary with a solid foundation! 


Dr. Ginger Prewitt

This letter is adapted from a blog post by principal Mrs. Myers on Principal Principles


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