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Parent Contract for General Traffic Rules

Safety First

At Prado View, student safety is a high priority. Every parent is anxious to pick up his/her child quickly. However, imagine if every parent parked where he/she wanted, talked on the cell phone, honked their horns, and ignored staff members directing traffic. We ask that you read this policy so that all of our students and their families arrive and leave campus safely and efficiently.

First and foremost, we ask for your patience and courtesy. Remember that hundreds of other parents are trying to accomplish the same thing you are at the same time. We recommend you and your children determine a plan for pick-up and drop off in advance so that all parties know where to go. You are welcome to use our pick-up/drop-off vehicle lane by staying to the right and pulling all the way forward. Students may only exit the car once PAST the raised pedestrian crosswalk that pides the parking lots. Your family may also choose to walk from home, park at Ridgeline Park and walk, park in the shopping center and walk, or park across Ridgeline and use either crosswalk to get to school. We ask that all pedestrians stay on sidewalks and use the pedestrian crosswalks only (the blue and red crosswalks are for handicap access and fire lane access). All of these options provide exercise for you and your child. Of course carpooling decreases the number of cars in the lot and saves gas, which is good for the environment.

Please follow the rules that help to make Prado View safer for our students:

  • Use common courtesy.
  • Pull forward as far as possible. Continue to pull forward as cars in front of you move.
  • Pick up and drop off at the yellow curb, past the crosswalk only.
  • Children exit and enter the car from the curb side unless accompanied by an adult. Safety valets are available in the morning for student assistance. Valets are located at the positions furthest forward and a valet will open the door for your child on the passenger side of the car.
  • Never call your child to come across traffic to get to the car.
  • When the driver leaves the car, even for a minute, it must be in a parking space.
  • Pull into a parking place if you or your child is completing homework, breakfast, or other activities.
  • After parking, walk to the controlled pedestrian crosswalk - there is only one crosswalk for pedestrians; the blue crosswalk is for handicap access and the red crosswalk is a fire lane. Do not walk through traffic.
  • Students do not respond to horn honking. Please do not honk for your child.
  • When leaving the curb, use your blinker to merge left.
  • Allow cars pulling away from the curb to merge.
  • Handheld cell phone use is illegal while driving and therefore not allowed.

Please click on the link below to access a map if you are uncertain about the different pick-up / drop-off locations at the school. We are also here to help! Please come by or call our office if you have any questions. Thank you for helping us safely arrive and depart school.

Prado View Parking Lot Safety Procedures

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